Simple Moves For More Power In Your Golf Swing

You will see some long straight hitting during the PGA Tour Playoffs the next few weeks from some of the best players in the world young and old, from Jordan Spieth to Davis Love III. These guys might have 30 years wear and tear between them but they both prove the point that a fluid, natural golf swing will yield long term results of distance and consistency.

So today you are getting a few drills and lessons you can perform at home because these simple moves for more power in your golf swing will make a quick and vast difference to your golf swing without you needing to think about it!

But I know that you are not getting the same amount of practice in as these guys, you don’t have the time to work everyday for hours on your swing and fitness and that is why the video here will show you some simple practice swing drills and exercises for golf that you can do to really see an improvement in your power for golf without hurting accuracy.

Keys to a good golf swing.

One of the keys to a good golf swing that can generate leverage and power is where you are at impact to allow the arms to fire through and throw towards the target without you getting in your own way.

You most likely do this very well when you throw a ball, but when it comes to your golf swing, you hit at the ball and kind of get stuck!

PGA Tour players have an average of 44 degrees of rotation towards the target in the pelvis at impact.

This is not the exception, more often than not the players perform this specific movement.

But does that mean this “secret” to longer drives is reserved for the elite athletes and professionals?


With some simple tweaks, understanding and some practice drills and  exercises to improve your hip and pelvic movement, you too can increase the degree your hips are open at impact and in turn increase the average distance you hit the ball.

Most PGA pros open the lower body about 40 degrees at impact, however the average amateur / weekend warrior will only open their hips 5-8 degrees at impact, just one of the reasons they hit it further and more consistently than many of you.

Hip rotation at impact is a key to repeatable power in your golf swing and a principle to increase your distance, effortlessly and consistently.

Most of the longer hitters on the pro circuits, LPGA or PGA all have really good balance, hip rotation through out the swing plus pelvic or hip rotation at impact. To accomplish this a player needs to have good mobility mobility in the hips and spine. Another important factor is lower body stabilization.

So what can you do to improve your hip action and pelvic movement to be more open at impact and hopefully generate a solid powerful blow to the ball?

Simple Moves For More Power In Your Golf Swing

Forward shift neutral pelvic

From a golf posture, place hands across chest and then tilt your pelvis back and forward to find the neutral spot (if yo are unsure how to do this take a look at this video here.

Then you want to complete your swing into the follow through, but not with a backswing, just rotate the torso and hips to a full finish, but the key here is to maintain the neutral pelvic position

Judo chops with a resistance band

Just place a resistance band waist high and separate the hands and hold with both, the band in front. Nor proceed to rotate the hips like you are throwing someone and your torso will follow in the right sequence.

Here is a video demonstrating a more explosive version if you want to try it, but word of advice is to build up your tempo with this and focus on generating the initiation of the through swing with the hip rotation.

Close the gap

A simple yet good golf exercise to improve muscle memory for the right sequence.
Put your arms across your chest and ideally place a club across the front of your chest, now take your posture to address the ball. Now, rotate your hips through the impact area but keep your torso and club perfectly still, so there is no rotation and the club that is across your chest is down the line of the imaginary intended target

Give these simple drills and exercises a try to improve your distance and power.

This is Golf. Simplified.

Your Coach

Alex Fortey


Photo Credit: isogood via Compfight cc