Simple golf tips for more power and consistency with Alex Fortey and Andy Gorman. Lessons from life and natural moves to help you get more effortless speed.

OK, enough is enough. It’s time for your approach to golf to become a lot less complicated and simple.

Why? Because you cannot play good golf with too many thoughts and mechanical elements to your golf swing and for the other areas of your game such as putting and chipping

If you are honest with yourself, you can look back at how you have tried to improve and admit that the results have rarely been effective and only led to more frustration. Golf improvement noise such as lessons, reading the golf magazines, watching the PGA Tour players swing reviews….

Golf swing review for simple golf don't work

Confusing and overcomplicated technique hinders your natural swing.

Yes they have their place and of course there is some great golf lessons and golf tips that will help your game, but the results you want can be achieved with a different approach and one that we at the Art of Simple Golf are on are on a mission to prove to you.

Today though we wanted to give you some simple golf tips for power and consistency that you can go and use right away next time you play or practice that will give you a better quality contact and more swing speed but do it in a way that feels more effortless.

Two simple golf tips for more power and consistency in the video are allowing you body to turn with freedom and to use the 1 arm drill to develop swing speed in a natural sequence.

golf tips for power

simple tip for power and consistency










You can wind up your backswing if you listen to your body and don’t try and force it. If your heel wants to come up like Bubba Watson… Let it!

Using the 1 Arm Drill can give you feel of freedom and swing speed without force. Just like throwing a ball it should feel natural.

That’s they key, effortless, enjoyable golf for every type of golfer and that’s what Stroke to Swing golf system is helping you accomplish.

The Stroke to Swing Golf system bought to you by Andy Gorman and Alex Fortey is your one stop golf lesson for every department of your game from the putting stroke to the full swing. But here is the difference; this natural golf swing method is a the best way to learn a simple golf swing because it’s using your natural ability and limitations.

Golf can and should feel as simple as throwing a ball.

Golf frustration is caused by two things: not unlocking your natural swing and not allowing golf to be simple. Most golf pros and typical golf instruction in general give you too much to think about, too many quick fixes and band-aid types of solutions and too much mental clutter.

Golf as you know has several facets that have to be sharp to play well.

  • Straight long drives
  • Consistent Iron Shots
  • A Wedge game that can save pars and get birdies
  • A putting stroke that you can rely on
  • A mental strength to stay focused

It’s a lot!

So let’s think about that for a minute… If you are approaching every area mentioned above with a different method and tactic how easy is it to be consistent and improve especially if you do not have all the time in the world to practice?

You can’t and history proves it. However;

With our simple lessons in the Stroke to Swing System, using the “Gears” in your golf game you can very easily build you ideal golf game from the stroke to swing in a very short time with no complicated positions…

I know It’s no fun to play your best round 1-2% of the time and the rest of the time you’re on the course you’re struggling and frustrated, is it?

So let’s make this easier for you. Use the simple golf tips for power and consistency in the video above and you will feel and indeed see the difference in your golf game.

The Stroke to Swing System is your total solution but I do hope this golf lesson will help you play better and start thinking about golf a little differently.

This is Golf. Simplified.

Learn more here and save 30%

Learn more here and save 30%