You want to see the golf ball fly down the fairway long and straight don’t you? Well this simple golf fitness exercise to loosen up your hips will certainly help your cause.

Golf Fitness Exercise For Better Backswing Rotation: Seated Internal Hip Stretch.

It doesn’t help a golf swing to try and hit harder in the hope of increasing swing speed and distances but too often, because of poor flexibility for golf, too many players have to force the swing. Are you one of these golfers?

Let me put it to you like this…golf fitness exercise for power

You try and use force and power. Just like you would if I asked you to hit one of those punch bag machines in the bars and arcades as hard as you can whilst pretending to be like Mike Tyson.

You would put all your weight into it, grit your teeth and power through as much as you could to try and get your highest score and brag to your friends. But alas; golf is a lot different.

In the golf swing, the key to Increasing golf swing speed and distance is not how hard you can hit the ball, how powerful or how big and strong you are contrary to popular belief.

The proof is in the pudding as they say… Just look at the longest hitters on the Professional tours…

Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson and Michelle Wie are not exactly built like boxers are they?

Let me ask you this… Who would you be more afraid of in a dark alley; Dustin Johnson or Mike Tyson?

Who would you fear more on a 600 yard par 5?


It doesn’t matter how strong or stable you are as a golfer, if you can’t complete the necessary range of motion as well, your swing, body and distances will suffer.

This is Mike Tyson’s, many other strong football players and boxers problem when they step onto the golf course. They are not mobile enough and cannot complete a smooth swing that allows for effortless speed.

Unfortunately, far too many of you suffer with the same limitations. Not because they are world heavy weight champions but because of sedentary lives and incorrect exercises and swing mechanics.

Increasing your swing speed, distance and power, come from having full range of motion, being able to stabilize and control the motion to create more of an elastic band effect in the golf swing. In addition, true power, distance and accuracy on the golf course comes from the ability to stabilize and control the flexibility that you have.

Golf fitness for increase swing speed

It’s not just about being more flexible and performing random stretches though.

The first step to building more power and speed into your swing is to make sure you have the necessary range of motion or flexibility necessary to complete the golf swing. If you have the necessary mobility, then all you need to do is stabilize and control that range of motion in order to complete the correct athletic sequence of motion.

When you do this, the result is a booming drive past your opponents that feels easier than any swing you have ever made before.

Check out this move to improve your hip rotation to maximize your range of motion in backswing and follow through to generate serious power off the tee! The simple but crucial exercise you see below.

Simple Golf Fitness Exercise: The Hip Internal Rotation Stretch:

This stretch will help you wind up the backswing and load the right side more, if you feel like you cannot get into the back swing or complete a nice follow through, this is for you.

1) Sit comfortably on a chair and place one leg out a couple of feet to the side.

2) Slowly allow you leg to internally rotate in allowing gravity to assist, keep going until you feel the stretch in the the groin/hip area. Be aware to not feel anything like tension or soreness on or beside the knee, if so, the hip has given you all the flexibility it can give and you are just torquing the knee.

3) Hold for 30 seconds on each side and repeat twice.

A lot can be done this pre-season to transform your golf swing, how you feel after you play and how easily you can hit the ball further.

But it does not require hours and hours of practice or exhausting exercises. Some smart moves and a few minutes a week can transform your golf game and that’s why we wanted to make our results based fitness program for golfers available to everyone.

Try that simple golf fitness stretch and start thinking about what you can do this New year to have your best golf season on and off the course. Because there are many benefits to following golf fitness programs not just longer and straighter golf shots…. You will of course become healthier and fitter and even lose fat!

Your friend and coach

Alex Fortey