Short Backswing… It’s EASY to OPTIMIZE Your Golf Swing

A Short backswing does not have to be an issue, in fact it can be a benefit to your golf swing and if you use the right technique, you can have an effortless golf swing for power and consistency.

Having a short backswing is often seen as a bad thing for a golf swing and often times people wanting to get more power and distances, think they need to swing longer.

Not true.

Just look at Tony Finau golf swing.

One of most powerful, yes he is a PGA tour player and not a senior golfer but if you do a short backswing correctly, you will have good consistency and power with the simple golf moves through the ball.

To stay connected, to use the pulling action through the golf ball and have effortless power. In this golf lesson, Alex Fortey shows how to make the ways to turn with ease, leverage your trail arm and short backswing for more power to add accuracy and strike the golf ball with effortless power.


The connection drill for hand path and speed The power move using the lower body in the golf swing.Pulling through is a golf swing for seniors and any golfer.

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