Hit Irons Consistently And Compress With An Effortless Golf Swing

Whether you think you need one or not, an effortless golf swing is a good thing…

Or at least to have one that is a little less effort than it can feel like too often.

Especially if you are after some compression and better strikes with the irons. But let’s do it with an effortless golf swing and get the shaft lean at impact to improve ball striking….

You can get natural shaft lean and learn how to strike irons better without having to rotate the body or force the swing. Too many of you strike at the ball and force down causing incorrect speed and loss of acceleration. Let’s make it a little easier shall we:)

See this video from Alex Fortey and The Art Of Simple Golf showing you how easy it can be to get a good golf impact, consistency and have a reliable golf transition that is more instinct and natural than complicated thoughts.

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