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Here’s a simple golf swing drill to fix an Inside takeaway and bad tempo.

When you whip the hands and club head, usually in a moderate panic when you are standing over your golf shot.. this tendency creates a pattern of compensations, Here’s a simple golf swing drill to fix it.

Having a golf swing that has a snatchy with an inside takeaway makes it very difficult to have a smooth consistent golf swing. When that s the jerk action and the path being pulled inside, right away compensations that hurt consistency and compromise the ability to have a good golf swing speed.

This golf drill for path to take away and to keep it smooth and silky. For this simple golf drill all you need to do is place a second golf ball behind the one you are going to strike .

Use 8 or 7 iron for this task to train the smooth. This will show you the direction that if you are sweeping the golf club too much on the inside the golf ball will give you immediate feedback so you can educate the feel of your golf swing to give you a nice smooth Takeaway.

Too much on the inside on your take away that will cause a stuck golf backswing where compensations have to take place so with this drill it will give you the room and freedom to feel a nice smooth golf swing that does not feel constricted and ill educate you to have a nice tempo which is extremely important especially if you are senior golfer where a smooth golf swing is paramount for consistency.

We don’t wan’t you to compare to the PGA Tour pros and the LPGA tour pros, we can learn simple golf swing principles that don’t require a lot of athleticism and don’t need you to hit thousands of balls to ingrain the new golf swing technique.

By transforming your swing into a swing that looks like theirs, you’ll be using your body as well.

Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing