Simple Putting Tips: Correct Posture Help Stop Yips


Take a deep breath because you are about to be so relieved..

…You are going to find out why “the putting yips don’t exist” if you address the ball correctly with a putter that actually fits you!

Andy Gorman Leading Putting coach in the UK shares with us some simple putting tips, common sense principles that are overlooked that can rid a golfer of the dreaded yips.

Standing correctly at the ball will yield the very best results for you and simplify your putting more than you will ever realize until you try.

Not only that, but you are going to get an insight into the secrets that top players are using to be great, consistent putters. And if the top tour players know it, we don’t see why you should not!

In Andy’s decades of coaching club players to world champion golfers to improve their putting strokes he sees that the so called “yips” crosses all boundaries…

Enough is enough and that’s why we felt it was crucial to share this important message to ease the minds of golfers everywhere to help you stop the putting yips.

Anyway, as promised here is the insightful video and hopefully this will begin your journey to being a fantastic putter that the greens and your friends will fear…

Enjoy the video for simple putting tips.

This is Golf Simplified.

p.s. If you want to learn more putting tips and drills from Andy and I, click the link below to learn more

putting tips and drills Andy Gorman