STOP Making CHIP SHOTS Around The Green Difficult And Inconsistent

Chip shots around the green are easy when you have a simple chipping technique and a short game that is consistent. With just a couple of keys to your technique, you will be amazed at how much easier it is to make solid contact and be consistent without requiring hours of practice.

You can stop duffing chip shots and thinning them when you apply these really simple golf tips for chip shots around the green and a wonderful practice drill for connection in your chipping technique that will give you a reliable and consistent chipping technique.

Best of all, any golfer can use these golf tips for chip shots around the green and stop being inconsistent and making it difficult by playing them as mini full golf swing shots. Or likewise being too rigid or being to loose and trying to play flop shots around the green. How do you stop chunking your chip shots around the green. In this weeks golf lesson the art of simple golf gives you a simple short game technique that will improve your consistency on chip shots no matter the lie. If you want to know how to hit a chip shot in this golf video Alex Fortey covers al the basics from set up, club selection and reveals an easy technique to use and a brilliant drill for a beginner golfer to a senior golf player.

Now this is not going to be the only chipping lesson you ever need but it will give you the important simple golf foundation to chip shots around the green and a solid technique for your short game no matter your level people tend to with chip shots, especially kind of higher handicaps or infrequent, golfers, even people who are, you know, perhaps 15 handicap, 12 handicap, they struggle because they don’t understand that you have to play chip shots differently.

Do you struggle around the greens?

Does that seem a little bit like, okay. Yeah. I, I feel like I sort of decelerate or flip into it.

Do you find that you just hit too many Duff shots when really you shouldn’t be?

We don’t want it to be digging in with the leading edge causing chunk chip shots.

If you are too far away from the ball, the heel digs in and sort of turns it over. Not only does it dig it in this way, so it digs it in this way and you get that sort of runny sort of chip shot s around the green and you don’t quite know why.

What we’re gonna try and do is cut the grass under the ball. That’s all we’re trying to do. Just bounce that club and cut the grass.

That’s our only sort of task when it comes to chipping.

Yes, we want the distance control, but as far as contact, that’s all we want. So we’re gonna raise that shaft up. We’re gonna stand a little bit closer to it and then comes the technique of feeling like, well, there’s the mindset feel like we’re brushing the grass.

But how do we get a repeatable chipping technique? We want to try and maintain this triangle that we have it set up on the back swing and on the through swing. We want it to be as reliable as possible. Jason Day did this, but all the best chippers in the world, keep it really simple. So you’ve got that foundation and that’s why this drill is perfect. There we go. Grab a towel, put it under your armpits. What that’s gonna do is create unison between my chest, okay?

My core and my upper body with no manipulation. it’s smooth, it’s fluid, but we are turning and rotating the core in this manner. And the towel just sort of enhances that feel. Practice this chipping drill at home, that movement even with, or without balls. And you can practice with different clubs, different type of shots, but get the foundation, right?

The best part of this, it works on every department of the short game as well, shots out of the rough shots on the fringe bunker play that sort of connected feel. So you really can practice this and utilize it everywhere. We just need that foundation.

You just need that simplicity.

Follow those very simple tips for chipping. And you have got the foundation set to be a very good short game player.

Thanks for watching. I’ll see you. Next time.