Golf practice plan that helps every golfer improve a golf swing and play better golf on the course where it counts the most.

Too many players waste time on the practice range and don’t improve.

Either incorrect golf swing, complicated practice routines or having too many golf swing thoughts and just hitting ball after ball.

There is a disconnect with how golf practice is done and how that is relevant to real life on course situations. Block practice vs random practice. So Alex Fortey from The Art of Simple Golf, gives you a lesson on the best way to practice golf that is going to give you the fastest results where it matters. On the golf course. But when your golf practice routine has a purpose, you will have a more consistent golf swing and you will enjoy this crazy game more.

Golf Practice Is A Waste Of Time And You Won’t Improve Your Golf Swing Unless You Do THIS


0:00 Golf practice personalities
2:00 why you don’t get better at golf even if you practice a lot
5:40 Block golf practice routine
6:30 5 ball golf practice plan to improve golf swing drill
9:00 Alex Fortey set up mistake reveal
12:00 How to replicate golf course situation in golf practice routine

If you want a simple way to swing the golf club on the range so you can practice with purpose without too many golf swing thoughts, check this simple golf swing lesson out: Golf Swing Made Simple With These 3 EASY Thoughts🏌💭🏆 Both Block and Variable Practice are very effective ways to improve your game.

There are better times to use one vs the other to get the most use out of each.

Block Practice – This is the most common form of practice and refers to a golfer that repeatedly hitting the same type of shot, on the same trajectory, to the same target; i.e. not much changes. It is very useful when learning a new movement in the swing as it allows the mind/body adapt and understand the new movement as it repeats the motion repeatedly.It’s a great way to incorporate any changes made to your swing/stroke.

Variable Practice – This is when you change a variable; i.e. the club, target, trajectory, etc. repeatedly. Variable Practice brings more things into play and its intent is to prepare you for the ever changing variables of a round of golf or tournament. Too often golfers will switch from a Block mode to a Variable mode (playing a round of golf). This can be very difficult for many and not recommended.