Golf: Stop Rushing Your Downswing and Snatching for Power. Stop rushing the downswing and get more golf power and consistency.

Alex Fortey here you want to hit good golf shots and you’re always eager to do and that’s why a lot of you will rush from the top.

This golf drill or this golf swing thought is going to help you stop rushing your downswing because doing so will cause bad inconsistent golf shots. But when you allow the weight of the club and you let gravity and smooth timing to do a lot of the work for you your golf shots, ball striking, power and consistency improves.
Pretty great right?!

It seems like most golfers are so eager to hit the ball further and a bit anxious to make a golf swing that they lose sight of the importance a simple and smooth golf swing is.

If you want consistency and more power for golf, this simple golf tip and drill can help.

It will encourage you to swing with a pause, a lower and a gathering of golf swing speed so you stop rushing the downswing and causing weak bad golf shots.

Improving your tempo and patience at the same time! It may take a while to get good striking with it but it’s good to start practicing your golf swing in this manner and at the least, practice swings.

Enjoy and come and join us over in the community for Simple golf process.

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