Stop This Backswing Destroyer And Using Your Hips Wrong

stop turning hips in backswing

The Golf Swing Feels Easier With This Backswing Hip Tip
Learn the simple golf swing tip that you need to feel in your backswing to have effortless golf swing power and consistency.
This golf lesson is when you don’t turn the hips or resist the hips in the backswing you getter golfers.
So we activate them instead and I show you how to do it right now as you watch this golf lesson.
Resisting the hips is a bad thing for your body like PGA tour pros Tiger Woods, Jason Day for example… Be a little more like Bubba Watson Hip turn in golf swing done too much causes swing faults Hip turn activation for a better backswing
Your swing will be worse if you make one of the mistakes that many frustrated golfers do of turning the hips incorrectly in the golf swing, especially the backswing will not only ruin your golf swing consistency, it will hurt your body and you will struggle to have effortless power.
So watch this golf lesson and let know how much it helps you