Can You Play Better Golf Without Using Practice Swings in your pre shot routine for golf?

Golf swing practice before a shot on the course can really hurt your actual consistency.



Read that again if you need to.

What this simple golf tip is about and who is it for?

If you are finding yourself freezing over the ball.

If you are trying to “find” your swing before a shot.

If you have too many mechanical swing thoughts.

Do you overthink your golf swing technique?

Are you trying too hard to make a perfect swing and performing lots of golf swing practices before each and every shot you hit?

Well you might want to try this simple golf tip from Alex Fortey to free your golf swing and trust your instincts that you can hit consistent golf shots that you want and know you can without rehearsing a dozen times. This works because this is golf swing basics and help you play better golf where it matters.

If you are a beginner golfer or a senior golfer or even a scratch golfer.. we can all benefit from trying this out from time to time.

0:00 Golf swing practice on the course is not always good
1:10 trust your instincts for simple better golf swing
2:15 Execute a smooth golf swing and breath
3:00 No practice golf swing