Golf Swing At Home at Home #4 Rotation Drills and Checkpoints With Alistair Davies

Improve you body angles and tilts at home. With the winter it’s tough to get as much practice and play in as you would like but it’s still important and to work on your golf swing. And you can improve at home if you know what to do.

So our friend Alistair Davies shares another simple golf swing drill that will help your rotation.


Because a better rotation that is in sequence will give you more swing speed, less aches and pains and more accuracy with all your clubs.

simple golf swing

This great practice drill should be used as a warm up as well, either a little time before you play or practice at home at the very least or a few minutes before teeing it up.

It is too easy to overcomplicate the golf swing and that includes the rotation and shoulder turn instruction but using these to rods placed on the body will give you some great feedback in your golf swing.

So drill #1 is to try and get the upper rod to the centre of your stance

#2 is regarding the tilt.
The upper stick should maintain more or less their same relationship from the starting position. Make note of where the stick is pointing. Is it at the ball? is it away from the ground showing.

Work on these simple golf principles and you will be very happy with the results

Also you can identify areas that feel tight, you can work on some mobilities and stretches. But if it’s pain that means you are forcing in and not allowing the hips to turn enough and or you need to seek medical advice.

Use these when you are home whilst you watch the golf channel and your golf game will improve.

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how to stop the slice simple golf fix

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Winter is here for most of you and in the next few videos we are giving you simple golf tips and practice drills for your golf swing that you can do at home.

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