There are 3 things that our friend and golf fitness expert Chris Finn has seen have seen in the thousands of golfers who he has worked with over the years that kill their games’ and their bodies’.

So from now we leave it to Chris to share more…

I have been thinking about writing this down for awhile, but then I had a golfer two days ago who came in complaining of not being able to play because of their pain. When I screened and evaluated them, they had ALL 3 of these issues!

We fixed them all in 1 session and they were able to play in the first round of their two day event yesterday pain free, finishing with a respectable even par and taking the first round lead.

I believe you, as a golfer, have the right to be better just as the golfer I helped two days ago and am hoping you will take the next 60 seconds to read what these 3 things are…

1st Thing Destroying Your Body & Golf Swing

You don’t know how to hip hinge (fitness term)

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AKA get into golf posture with the proper body mechanics to set up for an efficient and powerful swing.

When a golfer is unable to achieve proper posture in the golf set up or maintain it during the swing, it kills their ability to rotate, means there are going to be forced into compensation techniques and sets them up for injuries that destroy their backs!

In the gym, exercises such as bridges or deadlifts are phenomenal opportunities to work on improving this movement. On the range, using a stick as the golfer in the illustration above is a simple way to practice perfection.

2nd Thing Destroying Your Body & Golf Swing

The second thing that golfers can’t do that is killing their golf game is rotate their thoracic spine. When they can’t rotate their spine, they can’t achieve full rotation which means they will come out of posture or sway and slide laterally excessively. Check out this exercise, called the twist and tilt which can fix this in a matter of seconds:

3rd Thing Destroying Your Body & Golf Swing

The final most common issue that I see in golfers is that they are unable to separate their hips from their upper body in standing. This inability to create “x” factor or dissociation is a big no-no if you want to be successful and create a lot of power off the tee. When you can’t do this, it leads to a ton of upper body dominant swings and very few good outcomes.

So there you have 3 factors that injure your body and golf swing. But what else can you do now?

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