Best Unique Golf Swing Warm Up That Creates Golf Swing Speed, Consistency And Power in 3 Minutes

This golf swing warm up or preparation is so simple and effective you will be amazed at the results it produces instantly from how you feel, the increase of mobility, range of motion, width and power in your golf swing.

Our friend and revolutionary golf fitness expert John Ship shares a 3 minute golf swing flexibility warm up that any golfer or of any age or ability can do.

With variations, options of difficulty and working through the entire golf swing sequence from the take away, backswing, transition and follow through you can prepare yourself to have a very solid golf swing that is mobile and less tense.

When you have more mobility and range of motion in your golf swing, consistency and increase swing speed will happen naturally. And the best thing is, you reduce pain and risk of injury.

So give this simple golf swing flexibility warm up a try.

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