Increase Golf Swing Speed With The Smash Drill at Home

This is a simple golf swing drill that you can do at home to increase swing speed and the important sequence you need for consistency and effortless power..

Best of all it’s fun and you can take out some frustration if need be! Just make sure your hitting target, be it a pillow or cushion is supported.

The winter is coming to a close soon for most of you… but if you are still unable to get out and enjoy some nice weather, if you’re an avid golfer (I know you are) you can work on some great things at home to improve your golf swing.

Drills like this work in the season too if you are short on time because of life in general and want to get the golf groove on at home!

In the video above Alex Fortey shares a simple golf swing drill to increase golf swing speed and to have a better sequence. Practice drills such as this give you the chance to devote some time to building the golf swing you want for this coming season in the comfort of your own home… Away from the pressure of the course and without judging the quality of each swing by the results, you can make some serious progress.

So if the weather is poor, don’t pack up your golf clubs – use this drill and see the others we have shared recently to improve your golf swing at home.

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