5 Golf driving tips that will help you hit the driver longer and hit straighter off the tee.

This is a montage of some quick tips and fundamentals that I have seen help thousands of golfers really quickly to be better with the driver.


0:20 Simple driving tip #1 Is where we go over the importance of a good set up and How to set up to a driver specifically.
With the jump move we find the ideal width of stance that provides the foundation to launch effortless golf swings and drives.

2:25 Simple driver tip #2. This is a quick tip to ingrain the feel that we want to HIT UP ON THE DRIVER . And giving your golf swing the task of clipping the tee peg with the bottom of the driver is a great thing to not only improve angle of attack which will reduce spin and increase distances, it wall also improve consistency because of the low point control. Try using this on the course when you are waiting.

3:31 Simple driver tip #3 – Hover the driver for a smooth takeaway and effortless power that will allow momentum and smooth swing all by hovering the club upon takeaway. So try this quick golf driving tip to hover before takeaway.

4:17 Simple driver tip #4 A good Downswing with driver requires some patience and the feel allow the arms to drop from the top of the backswing will allow a better golf swing sequence and the cue to just “drop and through” can help to hit consistent and longer drives.

5:30 Simple driver tip #5 Practice golf swing on upslope with driver. Another pre shot tip that you can use when out on the course the give yourself an upswing with the driver and the correct golf swing tilts not only at address but for the entire golf swing. And all you do is stand on a slight upslope.

I hope you enjoyed these simple golf driver tips and learn more of them here. 

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