Basic Golf Swing Tip For For Power and Consistency: Extend and Release

Extend and Commit For Powerful and Improved Golf Swing With Alex Fortey From The Art of Simple Golf.

We’re often focusing too much on the backswing area.

So this basic golf swing tip for power and consistency drill or really this thought is abut what the actual objective is, which is sending the golf ball, down the target line.

Zach Johnson is a player that springs to mind. He does this very well. He gets himself into a comfortable position, flat, whatever you want to call it, and he really accentuates coming through the ball and extending.

Zach Johnson golf swing basic tip for power and consistency

It’s really like he’s throwing something down the fairway. Now, what I want you to practice is….a 3/4 swing feeing like there’s full extension. Like you’re getting $100 for every yard that you can send this ball down the fairway.

Being solid on the legs and the base.

But we’re swinging through to extend. We’re not hitting at the ball, we’re hitting through. And everything is moving through to a nice high strong finish. It’s actually going to give you some more penetrating ball flights.

It isn’t going to feel like a punch, but it might at first.

So let’s just try this basic golf swing tip for power and consistency.

We’re gonna get in normal position. I’m not thinking of anything here, just thinking of everything that’s happening through the ball and extending through.

I’ve got my target. I’m making sure my backswing matches the target, and then I’m extending through. You’ll find it may give you a little more speed and acceleration where you need it. Not from the top. But actually through the impact zone where it counts.

So give that a try. It’s going to be very effective. And give you some more penetrating ball flight that will be more consistent and improve your ball striking, golf swing power and consistency too.

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