Simplest way to stop the slice and how to stop slicing driver: Simple Golf Swing Drill To Hit Hooks

Harvey Penick wrote about this, it’s common sense but I wager you have not tried this simple golf swing drill to stop the tragic slice that plagues way too many golfers.

As you are aware, a slice really hurts your accuracy, your distances and ultimately your scores and enjoyment from this great game of golf.

You may try to get rid of your slice with a few complicated swing methods that just do not work because it’s detracting you from the actual feeling you can control.

All I want you to do is to hit a hook.

You may not know how to but I assure you by the end of this simple golf swing drill you will have the feeling to hook the ball and ultimately remove the movement that causes slices.

A slice is cause by a few factors;

Focussing on the ball and hitting AT it as opposed to focussed on your target and releasing through with your specific point in the distance in mind. (Whether it be a stripe on the fairway or a patch on the green, you must always match your golf swing to your indented target.)

You are too steep in your backswing.

You resist lower body too much on backswing

You are too right side dominant (if right handed) in your swing causing a ht at the ball and over the top.

But we can cure the golf slice with this simple tip.

Hit a hook to cure the slice in golf.

We do this by rolling the left forearm on the backswing and rolling it the opposite on through swing.

This will create a feeling of smothering the ball and if you do this correctly on the golf range you will see the ball snap hook to the left.

If you can can snap hook, you have developed the feeling of how to stop slicing.

Now all you need do is to wind the severity of the forearm rolling back, reducing the hook and smothering a little with every few shots until they are sailing where you want them too.

Hopefully straight with a draw or fade!

By the way, an important golf tip principle is that for each golf shot you play must have a shot shape. Jack Nicklaus said many years ago that straight shots were bad and he knew a thing or to about playing good golf I think?!

So if you really want to develop a sound golf game, learn how to shape shots and if you want to eliminate a slice, learn to hit hooks.

Hopefully this simple golf swing drill that was using the principles of one of the best golf instructors, Harvey Penick did the trick for you. Iv’e seen this help many golfers instantly and I’m confident it will help you and your game by allowing you to feel and connect with your own golf swing and shotmaking skills.

This is Golf. Simplified.

Your friend and coach,

Alex Fortey.