How To Grip For A Golf Club Simple Golf Swing and Putting Stroke

You need to have a good golf grip as I am sure you are aware to have consistent control and consistency with your shots and swing.

A nice simple golf swing that flows well starts with a good golf grip and we the developers of the Stroke to Swing Golf System show you the checklist you need to follow to make the swing feel natural and teach you how to grip for a golf club simple golf swing and putting stroke.

There are some key components of the golf grip.

Left Hand Placement.
Right hand placement
Connection to the club and and each other.

If 90% of the balls direction is governed by the club face we need to ensure that we have control and consistent control over it as best as we can.

We need to allow the forearms to rotate and need control of the clubface. We don’t want to have a weak left hand this can cause restrictions as we need to allow the club to hinge easily so on the backswing hinging can occur.

We need precision and firmness somewhere like a 6 out of 10 and this should apply for putting stroke, chipping and pitching swings and also to have a simple golf swing.

Have suppleness still but be confident and firm.

A stronger left hand with a third knuckle is good, most of best players in the world are stronger.

Shaft and forearm angle is an important checkpoint also.

The right hand just covers the left to control the delivery.

Cutting a knife is a great analogy. Imagine how yo hold a knife t cut through some vegetables, grip with your right hand the same with the club but ensure the angle of the clubf ace matches.

There is just a subtle difference from the full swing grip to the putting in that we want the left forearm to run parallel with the shaft. This encourages a neutral grip and a good putting stroke arc.

So apply these principles and tips to improve your golf game from the putting stroke to the full golf swing.

The Art of Simple Golf.

Alex Fortey

simple golf lesson with Stroke to Swing