Simple golf tips to improve putting, hole more putts and stop 3 putting.

Learn 5 simple tips to gauge distance, read green, be consistent and hole more putts. practical putting lesson that will lower your scores

Forget about reading the green until you have mastered pace.

Getting this right comes from developing a smooth putting rhythm.

There are no hard and fast rules about how you address the ball – develop any style you like as long as it delivers a smooth and reliable putting stroke.

Putting tip 1) Allow more break in your green reading.
Putting tip 2) Gauging distance
Putting tip 3) Distance Control stroke 1 arm technique
Putting tip 4) Intermediate point for every putt
Putting tip 5) Clock face visual to see break and hole putts

Putting stroke technique, practice drills and hole more putts to improve at 40% of your golf game in the comfort of your own home >Putting stroke tips and practice drills

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