Increase Your Golf Swing Speed Without Hurting Accuracy: Follow The Rope Drill

One of the biggest mistakes golfers make when it comes to trying to increase distance is to try and hit at the ball and hit it harder.

You probably already know that if you increase the lag, it will help you increase your distances because of leverage, your swing speed where it matters the most (through the impact zone) will increase. This swing drill will help you do just that.

Here is your swing thought and drill for more golf swing speed, power and better rhythm…

Don’t Swing at The Golf Ball – Follow The Rope To Increase Your Golf Swing Speed

But too many of you still try and motion at the golf ball from the top of the backswing in what is more like a HIT and the ball instead of a timed swish thorough it.

This swing drill to increase swing speed is not about holding on to lag and angles in your downswing and thinking about positions, its just about the sensation and visualization of the circle, the path and the rhythm of your golf swing to maximize your distances.


When I am on the course I like to apply the follow the rope thought as it helps me maintain smooth rhythm to stay consistent with my accuracy and control my swing speed that is over 125 mph with the driver.

With this this swing thought of following the rope, if you practice the visualization, your timing, swing consistency and accuracy as well as the smooth rhythm the best players and long hitters have will be more likely.

Follow the rope drill is one of the practice drills that Long Drive Champion Jeff Gavin used to give him smooth transitions and swing speed that generated a Drive of 456 yards in a recent tournament. You might not achieve that kind of distance but it will boost your speed for sure.

Hope you enjoyed the video and you will enjoy the results..

This is Golf. Simplified

Your coach.

Alex Fortey

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