Sequence Is The King of Golf

Sorry Arnie…

When golfers are frustrated with their distances they mistakenly focus on trying to swing faster. Yet when one swings faster, with an incorrect swing sequence, not only does accuracy go to pot, your distances and indeed swing speed suffers too.

You must have hit that one shot (hopefully more than one) that sailed long and straight and thought to yourself; “man that felt easy” and that’s because more than likely you delivered a golf swing that followed the correct sequence resulting in effortless, accurate power.

So all you need to do is find that correct sequence more often. Unfortunately, too often players become to eager, snatch the club at takeaway and also once they have reached the top of the backswing imitate the downswing with the arms and hands.

From this split second, the swing will always struggle to return to impact in a natural, consistent power sequence. People are constantly making a move at the golf ball by “hitting at it” rather than swinging the club in the attempt to hit it longer and maximize swing speed. However;

Ball speed results in longer yards, not just clubhead speed.

You increase ball speed, by improving your angle of attack, hitting from the centre of the clubface and having a swing that’s in proper sequence. So essentially you can hit the ball further by swing slower if those factors are good.

The one factor that effects all three however is owning a natural golf swing sequence.

Allowing the natural swing sequence (similar to throwing a ball) means the club will drop into the “slot” which maximizes the golfers ability to lag and approach the ball from an angle that is not to steep. Being to steep is one the main causes that robs players of distance but also a reason for the dreaded slice.Simple golf swing Jeff gavin long drive

Our very own Jeff Gavin knows how to swing well… Making it to the final 8 of the World Long Drive Championships So how can he generate 140+ mph swing speeds that can send it over 400 yards? 
Obviously this is not accomplished by one swing tip or buying a new driver or watching the Golf Channel but also this is unrealistic for most, if not all of you due to athletic ability, (lack thereof) swing dynamics and training on and off the range…
I am a long hitter of the ball with 120+ swing speeds, but he makes my average of 320 very weak! So I may not be able to get you to the World Long Drive finals but I’m certain we can have you feeling a faster swing without needing extra, manipulated force.
So I want to share a drill that I and indeed Jeff Gavin use. This simple natural golf swing practice drill is one of the easiest ways the correct sequence and effortlessly find the “slot” to release through and swing is the step drill.

See the simple natural golf swing sequence practice drill for power and consistency here.

The simple golf swing step drill allows for the feeling of transition.

Simply start your swing with your feet together, and club a few inches behind the ball.

Make a 3/4 backswing, as you reach the top, with no pause, move the left leg towards the target and plant firmly. You will notice you naturally hit the powerful, loaded slot and from here just release and swing through.

You want to make an effort to not overstep to far, this is a common fault. If you are struggling to strike the ball well, chances are you are stepping too far ahead or away from the ball. This will be the cause of your mis-hits and poor contact.

natural golf swing

Natural golf swing simple tips                    Natural golf swing simple practice drill

So please give this simple Natural Swing Sequence Practice Drill For Power and Consistency a try and you will feel free in your golf swing.

This is Golf. Simplified.

Alex Fortey