The Secret To A Great Golf Swing


Stop Trying To Be Like A PGA Tour Player: Swing Your Golf Swing

We regularly get emails sent to us from golfers who although have great results with our simple golf swing tips and common sense way of playing the game but continue to ask about how to swing like a PGA player…

There is a lot of peer pressure from the golf industry to make you think that you have to make a perfect golf swing like the text books teach you. They make you believe you you have to swing perfectly like the PGA Pros swing.

Dustin Johnson
Rory Mcilroy
Bubba Watson
Justin Rose
Adam Scott
Arnold Palmer
Colin Montgomerie

Just to name a few that all have very different golf swings…

So what I hear all the time is;

“What about so-and-so? Isn’t him doing X the reason he has so much power? Shouldn’t I copy that?”


“My coach told me to do Y when I strike the ball, but it feels wrong. Should I ignore him?”

My answer is always the same…

You should do what feels good for your body and style…

NOT someone else’s.

Stop Trying To Be Like A PGA Tour Player: Swing Your Golf Swing

To illustrate this, I’ve put together the video you see above where I break down some of the golfing world’s greatest strikers – both past and present – so you can see this principle in action for yourself.

As you can see, all these players haven’t tried to copy anyone else’s swing. Instead, they’ve found the swing that works for them.

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