In this golf lesson, Andy Gorman, our leading putting and short game expert shares a comprehensive simple golf lesson to help you build out your swing from the chip to the pitch.

Doing this enables you to have consistency you can rely on, distance control like a pro and confidence with the wedge from 30 -100 yards can be yours.

You see a pitch shot is just an extension of a chipping technique.

The set up is very similar with the same posture and ball position as a chip shot.

You go through the gears of golf. These are the building blocks of your golf swing and how we teach using the simple golf’s Stroke To Swing System…

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Learn more here and save 30%

Chest turn for 1st gear.

Turn chest and then turn hips. = 2nd gear.

To get a perfect pitching technique, all you need do is hinge the wrists. = 3rd Gear

Lower the arms back down and reverse the action .

This is a simple and very reliable way to have perfect distance control. All you need do is to try this with your wedges to see how far each one will travel.

As explained in the video a pitch shot will travel 75% of its total distance and roll out the remaining 25%. This is not concrete of course but it will give you a nice Comfortable judgement to play consistent pitch shots every time.

Too many golfers make the game harder than it already is but using the Stroke To Swing system and the 3rd gear of golf will teach you how simple golf can be.

This simple golf tip will save you several shots every round you play and give you great distance control with all your wedges.