The PGA Tour pros are good, very good in fact. But what is the common thread that binds them together that makes them so good when seemingly they all swing really quite differently and approach the game in various manners? Well obviously their are common denominators such as talent, practice, focus and following simple golf tips that work specifically for them but there is something that they all know is important to playing good golf and improving not just in the coming months but for years to come.

Today I want you to realize what this simple golf tip is and to start applying it to your own golf improvement because it will, I promise give you results a lot quicker than you think.

One of the best and simple golf tips I can give you is to look after your body and your golf swing will look after you.

A lot of people over the years ask me similar questions time and time again, such as; ‘what is your best simple golf tip ?’ or ‘who has the best golf swing?’
Maybe ‘what is the best mental trick for competitions?’ or ‘what is the best driver, ball or irons?’

Then there are questions about the fitness regimes or diets they follow and how much they practice, the questions are endless.

The answer has always been and always will be…

There is no secret.

No one-size, club, mindset, swing, workout, diet-fits-all ideological holy grail or secret.

simple golf tip golf fitness workout
If we just think for a moment, of even swings on tour, let us name some players now who are playing well
recently on the PGA Tour and in major events;

Dustin Johnson
Henrik Stenson
Zach Johnson
Jordan Spieth
Adam Scott
Rickie Fowler
Shane Lowry
Kevin Stadler
Berhard Langer
Luke Donald
Rory Mcilroy
Justin Rose

All of of these players do certainly have one thing in common; they are all different.
Physically, mentally, the power they produce, the swing mechanics, the tempo, the ball flight the brand of golf clubs or golf balls they use… the list goes on.

However, what they do have in common is they perform structured golf fitness or golf specific strength program and workouts.

simple golf tips for fitness
Even though these pros are all different shapes and sizes; ligament length, joint differentiations, muscle imbalances fitness abilities, metabolisms (fast or slow) they all play golf at the highest level, and they all follow golf performance and golf fitness programs.

Now you don’t have to be aiming for the PGA Tour for this to apply to you. No matter your level or golfing goals you should be doing something to stay or get healthier, a little stronger and to stay agile not just for golf but everyday life too!

If you don’t know where to start, we have several golf fitness exercises and simple golf tips on our Youtube channel just like the one you see below.

Golf fitness workout for more speed

The one thing you can guarantee you do as well as a tour pro is to prepare your body.

But on the whole, even if you want to just break 80, like everything in life, be smart with your time and effort, be disciplined and train your swing, mind and body that is natural, safe and suited to you…

Focus on the target just like you would if you were to throw a ball, (I will have a great video and perhaps the most important golf lesson i can ever give anyone next week on this matter so please keep an eye out)

Your coach,

Alex Fortey

Giving you the “Simplest path to great golf”