How To Stop Topping Fairway Woods With A Simple Drill

Here Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Alistair Davies shares a simple golf tip to stop hitting topped shots with the fairway woods.

This is a common problem and one that can frustrate and ruin confidence and scores even for very good players it happens. Not all that long ago it was sprayed over social media when Colin Montgomerie topped a 3 wood on the fairway!

Having the confidence with a 3 wood will do a wonders for your game, not only from fairways on long par 4’s and par 5’s but off the tee as well to make sure you are hitting it on the fairways.

If you find that topping fairway woods is a too often regular occurrence then it’s a clear sign of a simple golf swing fault that fortunately for you, can be fixed with a practice drill.

You see being good with the 3 wood will also really help your iron play as it forces you to strike the ball correctly and down and through.

Too many golfers try and help the ball up where as better players will trust that they can strike down on the ball.

Henrik, the recent Open Champion is one of, if not the very best proponents of doing just that. He is one of the best ball strikers on the PGA Tour and Henrik Stenson’s 3 Wood distances and accuracy are admired from even the best players in the worlds for his very powerful golf shots and accuracy.

Henrick Stenson 3 Wood








This is what increases power and accuracy for golf.

It happens to even good golfers but thankfully there is a great golf swing drill to improve your consistency and ball striking with your fairway woods.

How To Stop Topping Fairway Woods

Here Alistair Davies gives a golf lesson that is about using a tee in front of the ball it will encourage the correct angle of attack and staying through the impact zone to maximize speed and consistency to hopefully eliminate the topped fairway wood.

Alistair Davies simple golf swing lessons

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