The Easiest Way To Improve Your Golf Swing And Ball Striking With An Effortless Golf Swing Feel That Works For Every Golfer

Golf swing tips, feels and simple golf thoughts that any golfer can apply for give more consistency, improve your ball striking and effortless golf swing power. It’s time to feel a…

“Sling” golf swing.

Even if you are a senior golfer or looking for golf swing basics to be better at golf, these simple golf swing tips will help your transition, control of the backswing, tempo and most importantly, your ball striking consistency, where it matter the most, on the golf course.

We cover the importance of a natural golf swing sequence, and 2 very effective simple golf drills for irons and even driver you can use to get more consistency and effortless ball striking results no matter your age or if you have flexibility and mobility challenges.

Alex also shares how a short golf swing can be the best way to hit consistent iron shots and longer drives even if you are an older golfer.

Never Look Back And SLING Your Golf Swing For Impressive Ball Striking Here’s another lesson that will help you build an effortless golf swing even with a short golf swing.

Short Backswing Move | AMAZINGLY Easy Golf Swing for Seniors (+most players) IF You Do This🏌🏆

Here are the points to look out for in this simple golf lesson to help you Sling your golf swing for effortless control and power

0:50 natural golf swing instincts we all have
1:30 how to use the weight of the club to your advantage
2:30 Increase the gap in wrist hinge
4:50 Effortless golf swing power drill with short swing
5:54 How to get through as a senior golfer with flexibility limitations

In this golf lesson Alex Fortey takes you through a really simple golf swing lesson and golf tips you need to make sure you do when you are out on the golf course.

Thanks for watching. If you like that video, put it into practice and let me know how you get on.

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