Simple Golf Tip For Better Accuracy & Scores: Take Dead Aim

Aim small miss small is a principle that you should heed for every golf shot you ever hit if you want to se consistent shots and lower scores.

The legend that is Harvey Penick with his simple golf tips and golf lessons are starting to finally prove more valuable for the majority of golfers as time goes on more so than the overcomplicated and latest high tech modern golf instruction that seems so prevalent today and which is holding too many recreational golfers back from not only improving but hindering the enjoyment of the game which is the real tragedy.

This simple golf lesson that I wanted to share with you today is one of, if not the most important golf tip you need to follow if you want to shoot lower and more consistent golf scores (I presume you do because you are a red blooded golfer).

Taking dead aim is what will give you the advantage on every single shot and is such a simple golf tip that every golfer need follow.

Justin Rose Take Dead Aim Simple Golf Tips

What I mean by taking dead aim is refining and narrowing your focus and objective target.

So instead of saying or thing you want to hit the fairway, you want to hit a dark patch on the right side of the fairway 250 yards carry away.

Instead of wanting and sometimes praying the hit the green, if you think about a branch on a tree that is in line with the left side of the green and you hone in on that branch…

If you if you do this and you miss your target by 10% you will still be very close to, or if not still on the green.

Same applies to the fairway shot. If you just think about hitting the ball well without strong focus and consideration for specifically where you want the golf ball to end up, your brain is open to too much interpretation and cannot be expected to guess where exactly you want the golf ball to end up.

So please follow this simple golf tip and lesson from one of the the best instructors the game has ever know.

Jason Day, Justin Rose and many great PGA tour players follow this principle and so should you if you want to improve your accuracy and consistency on the golf course.

Because if you do that, you will, I promise shoot lower scores and be a better golfer without thinking or focussing on your technique or without needing hundreds of golf balls to practice with every day.

This is Golf. Simplified.

Your friend and coach,

Alex Fortey.