Stop topping woods off the ground and strike fairway woods pure with a simple golf swing feel.

This lesson is for anyone who wants to know why it happens and how to stop topping fairway woods and hybrids to focus a swing that every golfer can use for an effortless golf swing to control the angle of attack. Stop trying to lift the ball up to hit fairway woods off the ground!

Best thing is, it helps all of your ball striking. So even if you want to strike iron consistently, this will help as well as longer and straighter drives, because this golf tip works for senior golf swings as well as golf regular swing basics.

Once you understand what is happening, you can apply the simple tips to release the golf club properly and also you can apply these tips to the majority of swings you will make.

Want to stop topping your woods and fairway woods?

In this golf lesson Alex Fortey takes you through a really simple golf swing lesson and golf tips you need to make sure you do when you are out on the golf course and using your fairway wood with confidence.

When it comes to hitting woods off the ground, there are keys to avoid the poor shots and from fundamentals with the fairway wood.

We also want to be sure we release though and do not help the ball up. also the intention when hitting a fairway wood. Follow the steps in this golf lesson and you will see improvement from your fairway woods. If you watch professionals with a fairway wood like Ernie Els, Bubba Watson, Nelly Korda, Bernhard Langer and so on, they do very simple and repeatable things but they have the smooth through swing and angle of attack that you can have as well.

Enjoy this simple golf lesson and start hitting your fairway woods pure and stop topping woods once and for all.

Thanks for watching. If you like that video, put it into practice and let me know how you get on.

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