Play Pitch shots a bit more like Seve Ballesteros… It’s simple too!

Seve Ballesteros was renowned for his short game. How can you get backspin and control with the wedges? Learn these simple tips taken from the maestro Seve.

Alex Fortey and the Art of Simple Golf shares 2 pitch shots.

Seve was perhaps the greatest component of the artistry of golf, and he was renowned for his vision, his feel, touch, short game, and many other facets like determination and things like that. So I’m not claiming that this video is going to turn you into Seve Ballesteros because there is only one, but we can learn, a couple of little tricks. These are technique tweaks that he used to use to give him the feel and confidence and consistency with the sort of 50 yard pitch shot.

He played them two ways and just a couple of little adjustments that you can make will give you better control, better consistency.

And instead of just trying to get it close or get it on the green, having some finer points, a little bit of feel something to think about. This isn’t too complicated and is really going to pay dividends to getting it close and getting it up and down.

The high floater and the low spinner Seve made some slight tweaks when he played these and you can execute with consistency and confidence when you know how to control the flight height and backspin.