Golf | Is Cackhanded The Key To Your Best Short Game?

PGA tour players like Jordan Spieth chipping technique has won him millions. Others have amazing chipping and pitching technique and with a drill like the left hand below right, you can feel a very similar action and inevitably improve your scores and confidence around the greens. Learn more about this free golf lesson.

So many golfers needlessly struggle with their short game when it comes to pitching and chipping but there is a drill that advanced players often use to dial in the technique for consistent chip and pitch shots.

However, this practice drill for your short game should be done by every golfer to get the feel desired for rotation, control for distance, accurate striking and to stop flipping through the hit zone.

The cackhanded golf chipping action will force you to rotate and keep everything connected and together.

It will help you to stop hitting chip shots fat and pitch shots with more confidence. So try the cackhanded chipping action and your performance will be a little closer to Jordan Spieth and some other great players

This is the best chipping drill you can use even at home to improve the rotation and stop flipping!

Andy Gorman knows what works on tour and what helps weekend warriors and lower handicaps with simple golf instruction and practice drills.

In this video lesson, Andy Gorman shares with us a particular training drill that he works with many more players.
But this is not a drill just for elite players essentially. What we’re talking about here is pitching where ordinarily you would pitch in this manner but all too often I see flippy hands through impact and a handsy movement back and forward.

Very minimal body movement through the shot by going to a cack-handed drill.

We can actually now force the body into the rotation if we don’t the club feels extremely light in my hands. I lose control over it and I have very little control over the loft and the delivery of the angle of attack into the back of the ball.

So it’s purely and simply just moving the hands around as we oftentimes see with their putting and then back and throw pop the ball on it’s way to the target and just keeping the body turning through the shot. We’ll be able to control the golf club and how we deliver the club into the back of the ball. Ball position exactly the same as it would be if my hands were a normal way around back at the ball in line with my sternum hands. Very very slightly in front or the butt of the club kind of in line with the ball swap the hands around and just keep my chest turning and our impact.

I must ensure that chest is open at the point of impact if it’s too square.

I’ll end up with a flippy action one more just focus on the chest rotation through the ball.

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