Track Your Golf Swing

One of the biggest mistakes most golfers make is adjusting their address position right before starting the swing. This small move can be tragic for a golf swing and will hurt consistency and ball striking too.

In this video golf lesson. Alex Fortey shares a very simple golf swing tip that enables you to dial in the correct golf swing for each and every shot you hit.

Every golf swing you make should have a specific objective.

A target

A Shot shape

An intermediate point

A swing feel to match the shot trying to hit.

Smooth Tempo

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But all of that is too often ignored by you.

And if not, the golf swing execution in sabotaged when the address position is altered just before the swing is started.. And the bad news is, most golfers do it!

Even I do it sometimes.

But this simple golf swing mistake can really hurt the feel of the swing and shot result.

The arms at address should hang heavy from the sockets, from this natural position you can allow the swing to track more accurately as you are allowing gravity to move the arms along the natural path and plane.

No manipulation or adjustment.

Your ball striking will be more consistent and powerful.

So, watch the golf lesson video above and make sure you “Track your golf swing” to feel the shot you want to hit and make sure you keep that position and weight of the club as you approach the ball and do not adjust your arms.

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