Henrik Stenson Golf Swing – Load Up and Pivot Simple Tip To Crush it!

Simple Golf swing tip to hit the ball more like Henrik Stenson. Click Here to get more free simple golf lessons.

Alex Fortey from The Art of Simple Golf shows you a golf swing tip that gets you to pre-load your backswing like Henrik Stenson does PGA tour Star who is known as one of the very best ball strikers in golf by his peers. His golf swing has many good points of course but there is one thing he does to initiate his golf swing that I believe if you try for yourself, you will get immediate improvements in your consistency and contact.

You see, Henrick Stenson has a swing trigger that loads up his right side. Not only does this move improve to create a more alive golf swig by not being too static at address, it transfers the weight in the golf swing to the right side, so it eliminates about 30% of the work required to get into the correct backswing and have balance and readiness to move into the downswing. When you load up correctly, effortless power occurs because you will naturally get into the ground to move through the ball. But too many golfers either sway or load up fine but cannot move back to the lead leg. Or a golfer will reverse pivot and not load or transfer the weight correctly.

Transferring the weight happens naturally but when a hitting a golf ball is part of the task, it seems to stump too many golfers! But this simple golf swing tweaks to preload into the right side before the takeaway occurs can really help you. Please give it a try but be sure your weight is still on the inside of the leg and foot as you do not want to be off balance improve your golf swing, Come and learn more and see our resources.

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