Golf Course Tip: Hitting Wedge Shots In Golf Consistently

Hitting Wedge Shots In Golf

One key to help consistency with the wedges is to match up the timing with arms with the body. That means your torso and hands arrive at the top of the backswing at the same time.

Swinging aggressively is the only way to achieve good contact and to get the ball flying on a predictable trajectory.

You see ideally we want to have for consistent pitching is to feel a pitching action that is a bit more like short and wide. Your goal is to produce a consistent amount of power, not maximum power.

But I don’t want you to think a lot about length off swing too much on the course.

Instead, feel and focus on the distance you want to land the golf ball. want the ball to go.If you were to throw a ball different distances, you would not be too worried or specific on the length of your arm swing. If you’re worried about distance and feel, then get out there and practice until you feel more confident

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